We are the founders of the Human Rights and Justice Movement; everything that underlies our actions takes root from the values that make up our identity. We have no expectations from any institution or government.

Our objective is to protect the dignity of people as well as the nature of beings, stand against weapons of mass destruction for the purposes of establishing equitable peace and preventing wars, and contribute to the fair distribution of resources.

The principles underlying our movement have been established with the responsibility inherent in the values we foster and as such are not due to any reaction to right the wrongs or contribute to the good deeds of others. As we are also of the belief that overlapping fields of common interest are conducive to efficient work, we have no reservations against collaborative work in these areas.

We believe in “doing good for humanity” and therefore we aim to proceed along this line of thought.

Our principles are neither transient nor dependent on time and place and we will continue our endeavors with pious dedication. We would like to state beforehand that as humans we are not immune to mistakes ourselves and that we may be restricted by limited resources.

Embarking on Our Journey

  1. In our Muslim identity as the founders of Human Rights and Justice Movement we consider humans as proud beings at the center of all creation. We believe that all creatures and the dynamics of the universe exist to serve humans.
  2. In our belief, each human being that has ever existed in the world, regardless of place and time, was, without exception, intended by the creator and we should respect the existence of those living and the memory of the dead.
  3. We acknowledge that all human beings were brought to life by the same creator, and furthermore, that one is as valuable as the other regardless of time and place. We believe that a person’s race, gender or skin color should have no relation to whether they are considered superior or inferior.
  4. We consider human beings to be free in shaping their concept of existence, as well as in choosing their religion and ideology without any restrictions and emphasize that they must be free of any pressure from their family, government, clan, etc. in giving meaning to their lives.
  5. We accept that human beings must be free in shaping their stance on existence in terms of information and action, as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others and that they are free to choose their lifestyles and are inviolable as long as they do not abuse their rights.
  6. We consider the use of basic rights as an integrated whole to be important for humans and hereby position ourselves as defenders of such rights where and when there are resistance and obstacles.
  7. We are of the belief that each human being should;
  • Be ensured of the safety of his/her life free of any fear and threat (Safety of Life).
  • Be ensured of the safety of the property that has been accumulated as a result of his/her efforts (Safety of Property).
  • Be free to choose his/her lifestyle, exercise and perform the requirements of his/her religion and be free to express the same either individually or as a group by any means available to him/her (Safety of Beliefs).
  • Be able to form opinions, think, express his/her thoughts, organize and participate in societal activities freely as he/she wishes (Safety of Mind).
  • We believe that each human being is physically and mentally a whole and that he himself is responsible for ensuring this along with his environment. We consider society and the government to be responsible for ensuring the freedom of life of future generations both before and after they are born. We observe that sexual deviations, suicide attempts, euthanasia and genetic interventions come into being as a result of societal deprivations and misguidance and consider the encouragement of these a violation of human rights. We believe that medical science should serve as a tool to treat people and end people’s pain and classify some human rights approaches to the subject as wrong, deficient and erroneous. (Safety of Generations)
  1. We prioritize the revelation of virtue as a result of a thought process and action, declare ourselves to be against any evil act of humans but not the humans themselves, and consider solidarity to be action centered rather than identity focused.
  2. We think that we should stand and be in solidarity against any unfairness, regardless of the identity of the perpetrator.
  3. We consider standing against evil a requirement of our conscience, regardless of whether such evil intent originates from a person, group, community, state, or pact. We support kindness at the same level.
  4. We consider it important that nations are governed by elected people. We think that the protection of rights should be considered a subject of solidarity, regardless of the ideology of the governments involved, and believe that the state of law is based on this criterion.
  • We are acutely aware of the dire threats that humans and humanity are faced with in this age and time. We cannot accept how the world can remain silent in the face of the remorseless and aimless arms movement, while millions of people face starvation in a world ridden with economic injustices.
  1. We believe that human beings are born innocent regardless of their place, time, or family of birth and support the fact that determination of guilt can only be made as a result of a fair hearing before a court of law and that a crime cannot be attributed to the close relations of the offender due to its personalized nature.
  • In an age where alienation is taken to the limits of serious hostility, we emphasize the importance of empathy, and believe that each and every person should be able to communicate his/her intent to others without violence and insult, in a responsible manner.

The Association’s Working Principles:

  1. The Association will be active wherever there is a humanitarian need. The Association will join forces with other human rights defenders across the world to fight in the name of human rights and justice wherever people are victimized.
  2. The Association is independent of any government, political party and group.
  3. The Association operates on the basis of voluntary participation.
  4. The Association considers the Alliance of the Virtuous, Constitution of Medina, Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, Code of Hammurabi, Magna Carta, United States Declaration of Independence, Virginia Declaration of Rights, Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and all other similar texts as common achievements of humanity.
  5. In addition to protecting, defending and creating awareness of humans and human rights, the Association works towards preventing violations and employs methods such as evaluation, identification, exposure, intervention, prevention and reporting.
  6. Working in the field of fundamental rights, the Association supports;
  • The right to live
  • The fight against torture and fight for people’s safety
  • The freedom of religion and conscience
  • The freedom of thought and expression
  • The protection of human dignity
  • The protection of the human race and its integrity
  1. The Association takes aim at the people, official, civil, commercial institutions and establishments, groups, communities, states, alliances, governments, inter-governmental organizations, political groups and other non-governmental organizations that violate human rights.
  2. The Association gains its resources from membership dues and voluntary donations. The Association uses its resources in a transparent and accountable manner.
  3. The Association can cooperate with other institutions and entities in mutually agreed upon fields, as long as it does not encroach on it independence.
  4. In keeping with its human rights understanding and for the purposes of protecting the human race, the Association can work against different understandings on the subject.
  5. The Association works to achieve justice in all its relationships and projects.

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