Human Rights and Justice Movement

We are the founders of the Human Rights and Justice Movement; everything that underlies our actions takes root from the values that make up our identity. We have no expectations from any institution or government.

Our objective is to protect the dignity of people as well as the nature of beings, stand against weapons of mass destruction for the purposes of establishing equitable peace and preventing wars, and contribute to the fair distribution of resources.

The principles underlying our movement have been established with the responsibility inherent in the values we foster and as such are not due to any reaction to right the wrongs or contribute to the good deeds of others. As we are also of the belief that overlapping fields of common interest are conducive to efficient work, we have no reservations against collaborative work in these areas.

We believe in “doing good for humanity” and therefore we aim to proceed along this line of thought.

Our principles are neither transient nor dependent on time and place and we will continue our endeavors with pious dedication. We would like to state beforehand that as humans we are not immune to mistakes ourselves and that we may be restricted by limited resources. Read More...

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